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Quaife gearkit for Austin Rover Mini 4-speed dog engagement is designed to fit original Austin Rover Mini 4-speed gearbox with minimal alteration.

As a direct replacement for the original gearbox internals, this gearkit improves both the performance and strength of the standard Rover Mini 4-speed gearbox.

Improving any car's transmission isn’t purely a quest for outright reliability, as it offers significant performance benefits to boot.

Ask any race or rally team and it will view a transmission upgrade on the same level of importance as engine performance or the latest trick damper design.

Standard factory gearing for Rover Mini 4-speed is a compromise between fuel economy, top speed, minimal noise and comfort. But in the World of motorsport, performance rules.

Factors like noise, fuel economy and comfort become less important, and it’s this performance that the Rover Mini 4-speed dog engagement Quaife gearkit exploits with its transmission upgrades.

Generally, race and rally disciplines require lower gearing than any manufacturer provides, to maximise acceleration and performance whether on the circuit or rally stage.

This is why Quaife offers a number of options for race, rally and rallycross applications, including the Rover Mini 4-speed dog engagement Quaife gearkit.

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Austin Rover Mini 4-Speed Dog Engagement Gearkit

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