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Ford IB5 Dog Engagement Gearkit

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Excl. Tax: £3,495.00 Incl. Tax: £4,194.00

Quaife now offers an exciting transmission upgrade for users of the Ford IB5 gearbox fitted to the Ford Fiesta, Focus, Puma and Ka Mk1, which transforms the performance of these cars, for customers requiring a non-sequential transmission option.

Carrying part number QKE35Z, the gearkit is designed for easy installation into the standard Ford IB5 gearbox casing without modifications. Technical highlights include close-ratio, straight-cut gears to minimise transmission power losses and enable drivers to keep the engine working in its power band at all times. An open face dog design allows ultra fast gearshifts and QKE35Z includes a set of Quaife designed uprated gear selectors that ensure durability from the shift mechanism.

The combination of close-ratios, straight-cut gears and rapid dog engagement selection makes the QKE35Z IB5 5-speed gearkit the perfect choice for Ford owners seeking an advanced, reliable motorsport transmission solution. Quaife offers a choice of seven different final drive options, covering all potential motorsport, trackday and fast road use requirements.

Key technical features of the QKE35Z Ford IB5 5-speed dog engagement gearkit include:-

• Open face dog engagement for rapid gear changes

• Straight-cut, close-ratio gears

• Installs into stock IB5 gear casing

• Quaife selector forks included in kit

• Includes heavy duty operating block for 3rd & 4th gear. Replaces standard sintered item, which is prone to breaking under high loads from dog engagement shifts

• Large choice of final drive ratios (QRE35Z)

• Heavy duty input shaft available for higher power applications. Uses Ford 1" x 23T clutch spline

• Optional Quaife ATB & Tran-X LSD differential

Gear Ratios

  1st        2nd        3rd       4th       5th
2.580    1.870    1.420    1.130    1.040

Final Drive Ratios

3.857    4.083    4.380    4.540    4.690    4.910    5.080

Additional Information

Vehicle Manufacturer Ford
Ford IB5 Dog Engagement Gearkit

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