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The QKE44Z gearkit is a direct copy of the original ford 2000E "Bullet" internals, and retains the original gear ratios.

This gearkit is manufactured using our new Liebherr helical gear shaper, which allows us to manufacture helical synchromesh gears as a single part, without the need for beam welding the cone to the gear. It also produces an imaculate surface finish straight from the machine, which is further enhanced by REM superfinishing the entire gearkit for a highly polished finish that will greatly improve oil coverage and lubrication of the gearkit, and to help reduce temperatures inside the gearbox.

Manufactured using EN36 grade steel, the QKE44Z gearkit is THE prestige, heavy duty gearkit to have if you are looking for a serious upgrade to your Bullet gearbox in your cherished car, but still require the standard gear ratios.

All mainshaft gears run on needle roller bearings with a larger heavy duty mainshaft and input spigot bearing to match. Standard 2000E synchromesh parts are still retained.

Perfect for HSCC Roadsports Championship and Elan road cars, Lotus Cortina, Ginetta G4, Lotus &
Caterham 7.
Ideal for long distance competition and tour auto type events, and for drivers that prefer quieter running than a straight cut gearbox.

Full spares backup is available from Tony Thompson Racing.

Gear Ratios:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
2.510 1.697 1.231 1.000
Quaife Ford & Lotus 2000E Bullet O.E. Heavy Duty Helical Gearkit

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