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Ford Rocket (Type E) 4-Speed Heavy Duty Synchromesh Gearbox with Alloy Maincase

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Excl. Tax: £2,125.00 Incl. Tax: £2,550.00


QBE2Z is Quaife’s heavy duty, H-pattern, synchromesh Ford Rocket (Type E) gearbox, suitable for classic Ford models including the Capri, Cortina, Mk1/2 Escort and Sierra. The complete assembled unit retains the original synchromesh components and selector mechanisms, while the layshaft is assembled using separate gears.

For optimal reliability, QBE2Z features free running gears supported by precision needle roller bearings, fitted into a reconditioned crack tested heavy duty Ford gear case (or a modified standard case). A Quaife mainshaft and alloy top cover are standard fitment, while an alloy maincase, steel baulk rings, a heavy duty operating block and short tailcase are cost options.

Rated to a maximum of 250bhp, the QBE2Z features power loss minimising straight-cut, close-ratio gears.

Key features of the QBE2Z Ford Rocket heavy duty synchromesh (Type E) gearbox include:

• Straight-cut, close-ratio gears with synchromesh
• Includes Quaife layshaft spindle and alloy top cover
• Choice of input shaft length for numerous installation options
• Optional extras available (gearlever not included)
• Alternative ratios available to order

Gear Ratios

   1st       2nd     3rd      4th
2.390   1.690   1.340   1.000   Rally set
2.040   1.540   1.210   1.000   Race set
2.390   1.690   1.610   1.000   Hot Rod set
1.858   1.404   1.164   1.000   Ultra-close set
2.200   1.540   1.210   1.000   Rallycross set

Ford Rocket (Type E) 4-Speed Heavy Duty Synchromesh Gearbox with Alloy Maincase

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