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Lotus / Toyota 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit (EC60)

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This product is only available through Quaife's exclusive distributor P B Racing:

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Quaife’s popular and successful six-speed sequential gearkit package is now available to boost the performance of the new 1.6-litre 1ZR-FAE engined versions of the Lotus Elise, Elise CR and Lotus Cup models using the EC60 gearbox. A direct replacement for the standard six-speed ‘H’-pattern Toyota transmission, the QKE11E six-speed sequential gearkit package includes a specially strengthened outer gearbox casing and sequential gearchange mechanism, which features a compact, drum style design for an ultra rapid gear shift.

The Quaife QKE11E six-speed sequential gearkit uses the bellhousing half of the EC60 gearbox casing, allowing the Toyota clutch, differential, driveshafts and mounting points to be retained. QKE11E features power loss reducing straight cut, close-ratio gears with a choice of final drive ratios to optimize overall gearing for motorsport use, enabling drivers to maximize performance from the 1.6-litre Toyota 1ZR-FAE powerplant. QKE11E is also fully paddleshift compliant with readily available semiautomatic gearshift control systems.

Key technical features of QKE11E include:-

• Strengthened gear casing and stock mounting points

• Ultra fast sequential gearshift with straight cut, close-ratio gears

• Retains stock Toyota 1ZR-FAE clutch, diff’, driveshafts and mounts

• Optional LED digital gear readout available

• Optional ATB differential (QDF29E) available


Gear Ratios Straight (Base Set)

   1st      2nd      3rd       4th       5th       6th

3.500   2.545   2.000   1.600   1.333   1.143

Final Drive Ratios

3.176   3.400

Additional Information

Vehicle Manufacturer Lotus, Toyota
Lotus / Toyota 6-Speed Sequential Gearkit (EC60)

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