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Prices start at £14,950.00 for base gearbox.
Optional extras include REM Superfinishing, and a digital gear position display.
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A high-performance, heavy-duty six-speed sequential gearbox designed for the Ford RS200, QBD3X offers a choice of motorsport gear ratios, ultra-rapid, precise shifts and six forward gears. A direct replacement for the RS200’s original five-speed, ‘H’-pattern, FFD gearbox, QBD3X fits without transmission tunnel modifications and re-uses the Ford’s original front and centre differentials, plus propshafts (both the highspeed transmission input and the lower-speed output to the rear differential).

Reliability with high power engines is assured by QBD3X’s use of a 90mm shaft centre format (15mm wider than standard) and Quaife’s cutting edge sequential selection mechanism. Alternatively, QBD3X is fully paddleshift compliant with readily available semiautomatic gearshift control systems. QBD3X established its credentials with Pat Doran’s successful 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb RS200 and is available with two close-ratio gearsets - a straight cut rally set or a helical-cut road version.

Key technical features of the Quaife QBD3X six-speed sequential gearbox for the Ford RS200 include:

• Two close-ratio gearsets; one with rally suited straight cut gears plus a helical cut road suited version

• 90mm shaft centres to handle over 750bhp

• Direct replacement for original five-speed, ‘H’- pattern RS200 FFD gearbox

• Ultra-fast sequential gearshift with semi-automatic paddleshift compatibility

• Optional paddleshift and LED digital gear readout available

Gear Ratios:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Spur 2.727 1.929 1.421 1.190 1.043 0.923
Spur 2.692 2.000 1.611 1.333 1.125 0.960
Helical 2.917 2.133 1.611 1.238 0.958 0.778

Additional Information

Vehicle Manufacturer Ford
Ford RS200 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox
Ford RS200 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Ford RS200 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox

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