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Quaife designed the QBE62G to provide a modern, uprated, robust replacement transmission for the ZF DS-25/2 gearbox as used in the Ford GT40, DeTomaso Pantera, BMW M1 and many other mid-engined supercars.

The fitment, major dimensions, gearchange location and shift system used on the Quaife QBE62G replicate the ZF DS-25/2 gearbox, while the five speed ‘H-pattern’ layout and distinctive ‘dog-leg’ first gear location are also retained to ensure authenticity.

Developed in conjunction with a British-based replica manufacturer, Quaife has ensured that the unit’s length allows for easy installation into Ford GT40 type cars, but QBE62G is also suitable for numerous mid-engine replica and kit car applications.

Key engineering details include the use of 85mm shaft centres and an ultra-reliable hypoid crownwheel and pinion, which enables the QBE62G transaxle to handle a maximum recommended 500bhp. Helical gears are included with a synchromesh gear selection, minimising gear noise and ensuring everyday usability.
A Quaife oil pump and clutch lever assembly are available as optional extras.

Key features of the Quaife QBE62G 5-Speed, ‘H’ pattern ZF replacement transaxle gearbox include:-

  • 85mm shaft centres and hypoid crown-wheel and pinion to handle high output engines
  • REM Superfinished gears as standard
  • Fitment, major dimensions and gear-change input replicates original ZF DS-25/2
  • 5-speed H-pattern with ‘dog-leg’ 1st, as per original ZF DS-25/2
  • Standard GT40 or inverted, (3.750 ratio only), De Tomaso fitment
  • Helical gears and synchromesh gear selection
  • Quaife ATB differential included in design

Gear Ratios

  1st       2nd      3rd        4th       5th

2.533   1.619    1.200    0.929    0.742

Final Drive Ratios



Additional Information

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ZF Transaxle 5-Speed H-Pattern Gearbox

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