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Prices start at £5,545.00 for base gearbox.
Optional extras include digital gear position display, and REM Superfinished gears.

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The Quaife QBE89G is a seven-speed sequential gearbox with ultra-close ratios, ideally suited to the demands of front engined, rear wheel drive cars running small capacity engines with a narrow powerband – specifically for Caterham 7, Westfield and similar.

Weighing just 33 kg, QBE89G uses ultra-close gear ratios, a modular gear cluster and an open face dog design on both gear and drive disc to produce positive, rapid gearshifts. Needle roller bearings support free running gears to ensure a robust geartrain.

For installation into a wide variety of front engined, rear wheel drive vehicles, up to a recommended maximum of 250bhp. QBE89G is designed to be compatible with an optional Quaife approved closed loop semi-automatic paddle gearchange system.

Key features of the Quaife QBE89G seven-speed sequential lightweight universal rear wheel drive gearbox include:-

• Seven ultra-close straight-cut gears
• Ford 4cyl & V6 input shafts available
• Lightweight alloy two piece construction– weighs just 33 kg
• Direct replacement for Ford Type 9 gearbox and QBE60G

Gear Ratios

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
2.875 2.315 1.882 1.537 1.294 1.091 0.962

Additional Information

Vehicle Manufacturer Caterham, Ford
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In-Line 7-Speed Sequential Gearbox

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