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The success of the Quaife Honda K20 5-speed sequential gearkit prompted a large number of enquiries for a B-series equivalent, so we are delighted to introduce, new for 2016, the Quaife Honda B-series 5-speed sequential gearkit; QBE9J.

Just like its K20 counterpart, the QBE9J retains the stock bellhousing with a Quaife designed and manufactured main case and cover to allow a hassle-free replacement of the original H-pattern gearbox. The close ratio, open-face dog gears are coupled with Quaife’s state-of-the-art quick shift internals to give a precise, racing gear change. The open differential can be reused or replaced with a plate-type LSD or Quaife ATB differential, and is positioned in the same place in the car so that standard Honda fitment drive shafts can be installed. The choice of final drive ratio allows users to choose the best overall ratio for their discipline whether fast road, rally or track.

Key technical features of QBE9J include:

• Strengthened outer casing with stock mounting positions
• Five open face dog engagement gears
• Retains OE clutch and drive shafts
• Ultra-fast Quaife sequential gearshift designed for a rod change lever
• Air-shift compatible with optional Quaife actuator
• Choice of Quaife final drive ratio included
• Optional Quaife ATB limited slip differential (QDF1U) or plate-type LSD (TDX1U)
• Optional LED digital gear position indicator available

Gear Ratios

  1st        2nd      3rd        4th       5th
2.909   2.091   1.666   1.375   1.176   Rally
2.636   1.833   1.375   1.111   0.952   Race

Final Drive Ratios

4.750   4.500   4.154   3.786

Honda Civic B-Series 5-Speed Sequential Gearkit
Honda Civic B-Series 5-Speed Sequential Gearkit Honda Civic B-Series 5-Speed Sequential Gearkit

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