Motorcycle Engined Cars

Quaife PowerTec gear drive system is suitable for use with most super-bike engines. The unit simply bolts directly to the side of the engine.

Power is transmitted directly from the output shaft via a unique cushion drive coupling. Drive is then taken through a pair of quick-change reduction gears to the Quaife ATB differential.

An integral reverse gear system is activated by a push-pull cable.

Quaife PowerTec gear drive system incorporates a gear drive system which was designed jointly by Powertec and Quaife Engineering for the award-winning Radical SR3.

Direct drive from gearbox output shaft.Uses cushion drive unit for smoother transmission.Quick change reduction gears with various ratios from 2.9:1 to 3.6:1.Cable push-pull operated reverse.Uses Quaife Escort/Fiesta ATB differential.Uses easily available joints and shafts or drive shafts made to suit your application.Final drive ratio 2.5:1.

Quaife PowerTec Gear Drive System

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