We offer a fitting service and aftersales support for all Quaife and Tran-X products, from a gear lever to a complete gearbox. This can be installing a brand new gearkit into a gearbox, or servicing of an existing differential or gearbox.

Our servicing tariff is shown below.

Service Price
Transaxle Gearbox £415.00
4x4 Gearbox £475.00
Complete 5/6-Speed 60G/69G Gearbox £260.00
Complete 5/6-Speed 15G/27G Gearbox £310.00
Ford 4-Speed Gearbox £160.00
Ford 5-Speed Gearbox £175.00
Quaife FWD Sequential Gearbox £345.00
FWD H-Pattern Gearbox £235.00
Fitting ATB or Tran-X LSD to FWD Gearbox £220.00
Fitting Quaife Gearkit To FWD Gearbox £345.00
Fitting ATB or Tran-X LSD to RWD Unit £220.00
Quaife Reversing Box £85.00
All Quaife Motorcycle Gearboxes £160.00
Quaife ATB or Tran-X Differential £55.00
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