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Quaife Universal Modular FWD 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox

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Introducing Quaife's latest 6-speed FWD sequential gearbox; the QBM2M.

The QBM2M is most commanly used in the mini challnage race series for the past 2 years with over 20 grid ready cars 

The Quaife modular range are advanced, compact sequential gearboxes, featuring Quaife's proven range of modular transmission technology, enabling a greater choice of user definable gear ratios. The modular range are designed from the outset to be fully paddleshift compatible, and incorporate high strength aircraft specification aluminium casings, a robust 85mm shaft layout that is capable of handling up to 375bhp, and durable EN39 grade steel gears, all in a package that is significantly shorter and lighter than Quaife's previous generation of gearboxes.

Key technical features of the QBM2M gearbox are:

• 6 straight cut, open face dog engagement gears
• Innovative range of alloy adapter rings to suit a wide variety of popular power plants
• Incorporates a fitted carbon fibre bellhousing cover for ultimate weight saving
• Ultra-fast Quaife sequential gearshift
• Output shafts can be fitted with 110mm Lobro or 3-ear Tripode joints for commonly found driveshafts
• Wide variety of clutch spline options available
• Choice of Quaife ATB differential or Tran-X LSD included
• Differential accessible via detachable cover for rapid servicing
• Optional LED digital gear position indicator available

Gear Ratios

  1st        2nd      3rd        4th       5th       6th
2.833   2.071   1.611   1.286   1.045   0.870

1.316   1.105   0.958

1.381   1.200   1.043

Final Drive Ratios


Quaife Universal Modular FWD 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox
Quaife Universal Modular FWD 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox Quaife Universal Modular FWD 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox

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